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Social Security Number/Name No-Match: Guidance For Employers

Social Security Number/Name No-Match:

Social Security Number/Name No-Match Employers sometimes receive notices from a variety of sources that an employee’s name and Social Security number (SSN) do not match the records on file with either the Social Security Administration or an outside entity drawing on publicly available Social Security number data. SSN no-matches can happen for several reasons, including an unreported name change, typographical errors, or inaccurate employer records. As the Social Security Administration states in its Employer Correction Request letter, employers should not use the mismatch by itself as a reason for taking any adverse employment action against any worker. Doing so may violate the anti-discrimination provision of the INA at 8 U.S.C. § 1324b.   

If you receive a no-match letter, you can:

  • Access your Employer Report Status within the SSA's Business Services Online system to view the list of mismatches. Review the name and SSN information that was submitted on the employee's W‑2 and verify it matches your records.

  • If necessary, notify affected employees about the mismatch and let them know what steps you would like them to take to help resolve the issue. The SSA provides this sample letter: We verified the following information with Social Security on this Date: ______ Name: _______ Social Security Number: ___________________ According to Social Security, the information above does not match Social Security's records. You should:

  • Check to see if the information above matches the name and Social Security Number on your Social Security card. If it does not match, please provide me with the exact information as it is shown on your Social Security card.

  • If the information above matches your card, please check with any local Social Security office to resolve the issue. Once resolved, please inform me of any changes. Go to or call 1-800-772-1213 to find the office nearest you.

The SSA provides a free Social Security Number Verification Service, which allows employers to verify employees' names and SSNs before filing W-2 forms. Keep in mind that the service can only be used for wage reporting and cannot, for example, be used for work authorization purposes. If you choose to use the service for wage reporting purposes, you must use it consistently for all employees.

Additionally, employers can remind employees near the end of each year to report to the SSA any name changes due to marriage, divorce, or other reasons.

For more information on no-match letters, visit the SSA website.

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