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My Teammates Don't Pull Their Loads

Updated: Mar 3

Karen was angry. Once again, the team was behind schedule and that meant she would have to work extra hours. Who's fault was it? Not Karen's. Karen pushed herself to get the work done to meet the deadline, but some of her teammates don't pull their loads.

Some people work faster than others. Some people are more thorough than others. Some people are more creative than others.

However, no team can succeed unless every mate does his/her share of the work. The problems impeding performance need to be identified and steps taken to modify and correct performance. Perhaps they are coping with personal problems that are affecting their performance. Perhaps it's a training issue. Perhaps it's a time management issue or too much work.

As a leader, it's your responsibility to help teammates take charge of their jobs.

How can a leader coach members to take the reigns?

  • Encourage teammates to master their jobs.

  • Aim for excellence.

  • Get teammates to participate in decisions and an opportunity to appraise their work.

  • Encourage creativity.

Never wait for performance reviews to confront unsatisfactory performance. Address as soon as possible and make conversations constructive.

A tip for leaders. You can encourage faster mates to help slower mates with 1 to 1 mentoring and with praise.



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