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How To Start Off Praising Your Teammates

Good treatment of employees results in similar treatment of customers. People who feel appreciated by their employers identify with the organization and are far more willing to give their best to the job.

When a team of employees achieves, the entire team needs to be recognized. If only the manager or the highest performer of the group is recognized, the group is most likely going to lose motivation.

Effective individual praise can be delivered in 15-20 seconds. It must be clear, describing exactly what it is that you liked about that person's performance so the person hearing it knows exactly what they did that earned the recognition.

Here are a few tips on how to start off praising your teammates.

"Good job with that upset customer."

"That was a very well-thought-out presentation."

"You do really good work."

"You have a good attitude."

Next, fill in the praise. Say exactly what it is that you liked.

"Jack you do really good work, Every assignment I've given you this week was done on time and needed no edits of any kind, I've also noticed that your notes are thorough and well written, and anyone else who has to work on this project will have a sound understanding of the work you've done."

Honor teammate's skills! This exercise may also be a good time for you to assess your training needs by observing the way employees approach their job.



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