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Understanding the Benefits of Outsourcing Your In-Person I-9 Verifications

The Form I9 may be just another piece of new hire paperwork, however, for US employers with employees working in the United States, the Form has significance. The Form I-9 is an essential Federal document used to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired to work. Although the Department of Homeland Security's rules have changed, compliance for in-person verifications is now easier with I2I Hires.  

The Form I-9

The Form I-9 is an essential Federal document that employers in the United States must complete for each new hire. Its purpose is to verify an individual’s identity and employment eligibility. The Form requires employees to provide specific information, such as their full legal name, date of birth, social security number, and immigration status.

Why is it important to properly complete the Form I9? Failure to correctly complete and retain the Form I-9 can result in severe consequences. Penalties for non-compliance range from hefty fines to criminal charges, and imprisonment. In addition to financial burdens, businesses may face reputational damage and even loss of government contracts.

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In-Person Verifications Help Reduce Risk

To reduce these risks and ensure compliance with Government regulations, many organizations are turning to outsourcing their in-person I9 verifications. When planned, outsourced in-person I9 verifications streamline the hiring and onboarding process, promote a greener planet, and save employers money on costly travel expenses, and HR's time.

Outsourced in-person I-9 verifications are a check and balance for HR departments and their compliance efforts against fraud, I9 errors, and omissions. It also reduces a company's exposure to cyber threats from the use of infected applications, links, devices, and webcams.   

As compared to big tech companies, you can trust, that Form I9s and new hire personally identifiable information is secure! I2I Hires does not store I9 data, take or upload pictures, or use video conferencing software applications for in-person employment eligibility verifications.


I9s just became easier! In just a few small steps, employers will have an original, accurate, and completed Form I9 for their records.

Reach out to me on LinkedIn! Ask about an I9 Compliance Audit or In-Person Verifications

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